WBICV 2017 Program 

09:20    Opening Remarks

09:30    Invited Speaker – Prof. John Tsotsos. York University, CanadaTitle “It’s all about the constraints”. Please click here to read the abstract.

10:30    Coffee Break

11:00    Oral Session I – 5 talks

  • 11:00    T1: Alan Lucas Matias, Saulo Anderson F. Oliveira, Ajalmar R. Rocha Neto and Pedro Pedrosa Rebouças Filho. High-Pass Learning Machine: An Edge Detection Approach
  • 11:25    T2: Hasan Abdulrahman, Baptiste Magnier and Philippe Montesinos. A New Objective Supervised Edge Detection Assessment using Hysteresis Thresholds
  • 11:50    T3: Benedetta Franceschiello, Alexey Mashtakov, Giovanna Citti and Alessandro Sarti. Modelling of Poggendorff illusion via Sub-Riemannian Geodesics in SE(2)
  • 12:15    T4: Laszlo Czuni and Metwally Rashad. The Fusion of Optical and Orientation Information in a Markovian Framework for 3D Object Retrieval
  • 12:40    T5: Julius Schöning and Gunther Heidemann. Ventral Stream-Inspired Process for Deriving 3D Models from Video Sequences

13:05    Lunch break

14:30    Invited Speaker – Prof. Nicolai Petkov, University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Title “Representation learning with trainable COSFIRE filters”. Please click here to read the abstract

15:30    Oral Session II – 2 talks

  • 15:30    T6: Christian Conrad and Rudolf Mester. Learning Motion from Temporal Coincidences
  • 15:55    T7: N. V. Kartheek Medathati, Manuela Chessa, Guillaume S. Masson, Pierre Kornprobst and Fabio Solari. Adaptive Motion Pooling and Diffusion for Optical Flow Computation

16:20    Closing Remarks

16:30    Coffee